Covid19 Sanctions

Abogado Palma de Mallorca

Recurrent Coronavirus Sanctions

Have you been sanctioned in this period of confinement decreed under the state of alarm?.

Let me help you with your claim

I am Federico Martínez-Carrasco, Lawyer specialized in Contentious Administrative Proceedings. Developing my profession in the Courts of Palma de Mallorca.

You should know that many of the sanctions imposed are generating numerous controversies from a legal point of view.

Disputes that are generating several claims of zero fines and illegal sanctions imposed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Abogados Palma de Mallorca

Knowledge of these problems can determine the success of your sanction claim with the Administration. Let me help you with your claim.

If you have been sanctioned or fined during the state of alarm.
Don’t let it go..

It is ‘your moment’ to claim.

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